What is the difference between commercial and private cleaning?

Essentially, a cleaning company can specialize in cleaning in different ways. That’s why it’s also important to make distinctions when it comes to the appropriate units to clean. Examples of this are cleaning companies that specialize in commercial house and cottage cleaning have specialization.

Others, on the other hand, are suitable for private and commercial use. However, in most cases, there is a real specialization, because the staff of specialists must also be trained accordingly, and working time plays an important role.

Therefore, if you are looking for the right cleaning company, you should first clearly define what the main focus is. There are significant differences between commercial cleaning and private residential cleaning.

Basically, it is the type of equipment that matters when it comes to cleaning. There are also specific hygiene requirements, such as when it comes to service areas or appropriate common areas.

For a commercial cleaning company, this can sometimes even be applied as a rule because the relevant specifications must be met. Private cleaning services are therefore used in completely different areas than commercial cleaning services.

Definition of commercial cleaning

As the name implies, commercial cleaning is designed to do the necessary cleaning work in the respective areas of the business. Staff and cleaners must also be trained accordingly. The following areas of cleaning are very common:

  • industrial buildings
  • commercial kitchen
  • school
  • medical facility
  • medical equipment
  • office

For construction cleaning, for example, you need to assemble a special crew that brings with it the appropriate equipment and inventory. Thus, not every cleaning company can meet these requirements.

Commercial cleaning sometimes requires licenses and proof, such as insurance and the like. The requirements for this are relatively strict. The conditions for commercial cleaning are very clearly defined.

Of course, the same applies to the equipment required for commercial cleaning companies, such as when it comes to disinfection or mold protection. Nevertheless, it’s important to prioritize eco-friendly cleaning, which is why so-called green cleaning techniques are especially popular. Of course, commercial cleaning contractors are also insured.

A cleaning company for a private residential area

Unlike, for example, construction cleaning or commercial cleaning , cleaning companies in a private environment is a little different when it comes to the environment and cleaning obligations.

Private cleaning is necessary for an entire apartment or house, for example, if it is done privately. Such cleaning contractors in Berlin for private homes, of course, have the appropriate specialization. Many of them are also self-employed.

Registration and trade are still prerequisites. Effective cleaning methods are also important to ensure maximum cleanliness in private residences. Cleaning products are usually provided by the company itself.

In private environments and private residences, the customer is completely satisfied if there are appropriate wishes and standards to be met. Nevertheless, finding a reliable cleaning company in Berlin for the office is certainly just as important as using a private cleaning company.

Different work environments.

In most cases, it is the rooms themselves, as well as personal furniture and floors, that need to be kept clean in a private household. Whether professional cleaners offer other services, such as laundry or window cleaning, is up to the individual.

The deciding factors are always the appropriate resources and methods offered and requested. Private cleaning is not about vacuuming the floors, but, for example, cleaning the bathroom. However, commercial cleaning requires more and more specialized knowledge.

A well-trained cleaning team works efficiently and professionally with its own cleaning equipment. This is also reflected in the appropriate cleaning processes. The work area looks a little different when a company employs several hundred people and needs to be cleaned daily than it does when a family home needs to be serviced. Nevertheless, a good cleaning plan is always a good prerequisite in both cases.


Criteria for a good cleaning company

Who is looking for a good cleaning company, he should pay attention to the most important criteria, because there are so many offers.

These services can be used so that there is appropriate relief in everyday life. Many people choose the profession of housekeeper.

Under no circumstances should this be an illegal employment relationship. A good cleaning company is distinguished not only by its seriousness and value for money, but also by its excellent work. What comes first is and always will be cleanliness. Therefore, dust should never be ignored. Qualified cleaning staff should arrive on time for appointments and also use professional cleaning products.

Before you pay the cleaning firm, you still need to address the issue of liability for damages. There are no problems with liability insurance if an official cleaning service is hired. First of all, the general terms and conditions of the cleaning company that is suitable are taken into account here. Therefore, a written proposal is very helpful.