10 ways to clean your carpet so it looks good as new

Keeping your home clean is one of the most important household tasks, which is much easier to solve if you read these useful tips. Learn how to quickly and effectively with your own hands to clean the palace at home from dirt and odor.

Causes of dirty carpets

Carpets and rugs are important elements of the interior, emphasizing the style of the environment, contributing to the creation of coziness. In families with young children, floor coverings are given special attention, as their use reduces the risk of hypothermia for the little ones.

Over time, the appearance of carpets, rugs, palaces deteriorate significantly, and on their surface there are various contaminants:

  • traces and marks of pets;
  • stains from spilled liquids or food scraps;
  • marks from felt-tip pens, plasticine and other art supplies for children.

The right kind of disinfection can:

  • eliminate unpleasant odors;
  • remove traces of dirt;
  • destroy germs.

Basic rules of care

To maintain cleanliness in the house, it is recommended to conduct regular cleaning of carpets and rugs.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to wash such coverings in the traditional way, but you can’t ignore the dirt either. Dusty carpet is a great haven for dust mites, which can provoke various diseases.

To prevent unwanted consequences, follow the recommendations:

carpet cleaning should be carried out regularly immediately after purchase;

light-colored rugs should be cleaned at least once a week;

before washing the carpet and removing stains, first remove pet hair and small debris;

after wet cleaning, the carpet and carpet must always be dried;

it is recommended to clean the stains at once, as stale traces can not always be removed.


Cleaning tools

If the house has a washable vacuum cleaner, cleaning is carried out using this device. However, the perfect result of cleaning the floor covering can be provided without such household appliances, if you choose the right cleaning agent, as well as prepare all the necessary tools and materials:

  • a sticky roller, which ensures the effective collection of pet hair;
  • foam sponge;
  • soft brush;
  • rubber gloves to protect your hands from the aggressive effects of detergents.

Carpet cleaning products

In specialized retail outlets there are a variety of effective household chemicals, with the help of which it is easy to cope with many stains. You can also remove stains if you use folk remedies.

Safe and effective cleaning will be ensured if the preparations are chosen taking into account the materials of which the carpet or palace is made, as well as strictly follow the recommended dosages.

To clean the palace at home from dirt and odor with your own hands quickly and effectively, you can use the following remedies:

  • salt;
  • vinegar;
  • baking soda;
  • laundry detergent;
  • laundry soap;
  • ammonia;
  • snow;
  • citric acid;
  • glycerin;
  • hydrogen peroxide.

Cleaning light-colored flooring

To clean light-colored carpets, you can use household chemicals specifically designed for this purpose. You can also use substances that are in any home, for example:

soapy solution, obtained from laundry soap, apply to the coating and leave it for three hours, then rinse it off;

One part of purified gasoline is mixed with ten parts of soap solution, small sawdust is immersed in the resulting composition, then they are spread on the palace and left to dry completely, after which they are removed and the carpet is swept.

Using vinegar, baking soda and powder

A good cleaning effect has a remedy, which includes:

  • water;
  • baking soda;
  • vinegar;
  • washing powder.

To obtain a cleaning agent it is recommended:

  • pour about 150 ml of hot water into a prepared container;
  • add one soup spoonful of baking soda;
  • add about 70 ml of vinegar;
  • In the resulting composition add one tablespoon of detergent.

Mix thoroughly and then spray onto the soiled surface with a spray gun. Use a cotton cloth to scrub the stains, moving from the edge to the center.

After removing the stains, treat the surface with a moistened sponge, collecting the applied detergents. Finally, the surface is wiped with a dry cloth and left to dry completely.

As an excellent alternative to laundry detergent is a dishwashing liquid. If you introduce this liquid to the composition, it is even possible to remove stale stains.

Cleaning dirt with citric acid

Every housewife will always have salt and citric acid in the house. These two ingredients can be used to make a safe carpet cleaner.

To make the cleaner, a tablespoon of salt is dissolved in one liter of water and two teaspoons of citric acid are added. If acid is not available, you can put a few drops of lemon juice in the solution. The prepared mixture is applied to the surface of the flooring. Using a brush, remove all contaminants.

Cleaning with ammonia

If a stain has formed directly on the floor, there is no need to panic.

In the home medicine cabinet you will always find ammonia. To obtain a flawless cleaning agent, it is sufficient to dissolve two teaspoons of ammonia in one liter of water. The resulting composition is distributed on the surface of the soiled carpet, rubbed with a soft brush, and then wiped dry after the treatment is completed.

Stain removal with glycerin

Flooring is often contaminated when drinks such as tea or coffee are carelessly consumed in the room. If such an unpleasantness happens, you should immediately blot the spilled liquid with a napkin. After that, a soapy solution is applied to the stain and treated with a brush.

Dried stain from tea or coffee will be easier to remove if, after treatment with a soap solution, glycerin is applied to the stain. After a few hours, tea and coffee stains are treated again with a soapy solution.

Snow cleaning

In the winter, if there is a snow cover, you can effectively clean the carpet or palace with snow. This method allows you to get not only a clean flooring, but also refresh it.

No complicated steps to perform. You need to take the carpet outdoors, spread it out, and throw a layer of snow on top. Then the snow is swept away with a broom, and the carpet is thoroughly knocked out on both sides.

The carpet is cleaned until the snow is no longer dark after use. All that is left is to dry the carpet. An important condition for using this method of carpet cleaning is the presence of dry snow. It is better to abandon such an endeavor if the snow is wet.

Removing blood stains

Even blood stains can be removed from the surface of carpets. Only in such cases, it is recommended to act immediately. A damp cloth is applied to the stain. After some time, the blood traces are scrubbed with a brush, which is moistened with cold water.

The effectiveness of the procedure is quite high. Make sure of this, if you study the reviews of many housewives.

Removing traces of wax

With simple manipulations, you can clean the carpet from traces of wax or paraffin. To do this, you need to remove an ice cube from the freezer, wrap it in a cellophane bag and put it to the wax stain. Under the influence of low temperature wax or wax will begin to separate. It remains only to remove all its particles.

With the help of ice in a similar way you can remove chewing gum from the carpet.

It is possible to remove wax from the carpet with the help of high temperature. To do this, a dry cloth is placed on the stain, over which a hot iron is run. After cooling, the wax residue is easily removed and removed.

Using a vinegar and soap solution

After celebratory feasts, it is sometimes necessary to find stains from alcoholic beverages. However, even such stubborn stains can be dealt with with the help of a soap and vinegar solution.

First dissolve a few spoonfuls of liquid soap in warm water. A brush is dipped in the soap solution and treated for stains. To consolidate the result, the carpet is treated with a solution that is obtained by combining water and vinegar.