How to fix a squeaky door

How to fix a squeaky door

Why squeaky door

There may be several reasons. And they depend on the type of door used. So, for example, in the case of interior door leaves, the creaking can occur due to:

  • the lack of bearings in the hinges;
  • displacement. A frequent phenomenon in new buildings, when the house begins to sit;
  • poor fixation of the fittings.

You can eliminate the cause of the unpleasant sound by mounting bearings – for the first case – or fixing the nuts – for the latter.

For entrance doors, the main causes of squeaking are:

  • poor quality installation, requiring re-installation;
  • debris in the hinges;
  • wear and rust on the hinges;
  • sagging or displacement of the leaf.

Causes are quite serious, so they require a responsible approach to solving. Usually the specialists who did the initial installation of the door leaf are called for help. If debris is clogged inside, the parts are blown out with a hairdryer and additionally lubricated.

In addition to interior and exterior doors in the house or apartment is also balcony door hardware. The squeaking of the balcony door is caused by:

  • insufficient fixing of the hinges;
  • sagging of the sash;
  • wear and tear on the hardware.

The latter situation requires complete replacement of the construction. To align the door leaf with sagging you can do it yourself, without resorting to the help of specialists.

How to fix a squeaky door

What to do with the sagging door leaf?

The creaking sound from the loose door leaf starts to annoy a couple of days after it appears. It can be eliminated by your own efforts. To do this you will need:

  1. Take a Phillips screwdriver and loosen 1-2 hinges in the middle with it.
  2. Carefully push the door leaf towards you and push it back against the frame, fixing the changed position.
  3. Tighten the fastening nut that is on the outermost hinge.
  4. Rock the leaf.
  5. Screw on the hinges.

Finally, after the work is done, open and close the door several times, checking it for squeaks. If it remains, the procedure should be repeated.

What to grease the hinges with?

Quite often it is advised to lubricate the hinges with vegetable oil. And not everyone knows that it is not necessary to follow this advice, because there will be no effect – even negative. After just a couple of days, the door will squeak again, as oil quickly loses its properties.

For plastic doors, an excellent way to lubricate hinges would be a crumbled slate mixed with a small amount of any oil. Also as a temporary measure for lubrication can come in handy:

  • liquid soap;
  • wax;
  • paraffin.

All of the above ingredients must be melted before use.

Top 5 Lubricants

In addition to folk ingredients, there are specialized lubricants that can be purchased at any suitable store. The top 5 best lubricants are the following list:

  • Solidol. Maintains its properties at all temperatures, good for metal doors;
  • Lithol. Characterized by high characteristics of reliability and durability;
  • Ciatim. Possesses an additional anticorrosive effect;
  • Lubricant and anticorrosive agent.
  • Graphite grease. Keeps its properties for a long time.

The list can be continued if you want. The choice of lubricant depends on the capabilities of the buyer.

Door creaking is not a pleasant sound that hardly anyone wants to hear in the house or apartment. Therefore, you should buy a lubricant in advance and regularly treat hinges and other hardware components with it as a preventive measure.