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Tips for placing different types of towel racks in the bathroom

A rack designed for towel racks in the bathroom is not only an important functional accessory, but also a significant decorative element. In this material we will talk about the types of towel racks, the most optimal types of mounting, and will also offer interesting ideas for creating hangers with their own hands.

Types of towel racks

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a towel holder, you should pay attention to a number of points, namely the material of which it is made, the place in the bathroom where it will be placed, and, naturally, its appearance – it should please the buyer and harmonize with the design of the room. Let’s find out what kinds of hangers for towels in the bathroom. These are – wall-mounted, floor-mounted and for the door.

The first of the above are the most popular, as they do not require a lot of space for placement, can be attached anywhere in the bathroom and are offered in a wide range. Wall holders include:

  • hooks (they are fairly inexpensive and made from a variety of materials, but towels don’t always dry well on them);
  • rings and semi-rings (often they are made in copper or bronze colors, giving the interior a loft, provenza or high-tech style);
  • tubular crossbars – multi-row or single-row (they allow all family members to dry their towels well);
  • spinner bars (if in the previous case the towels came into contact with each other and could not be dried sufficiently because of this, thanks to the wall-mounted spinner bars you can forget about this problem);
  • electric clothes dryers (you do not have to worry about towels getting too wet in places).

Wall holders should be hung at such a height that all family members can comfortably use the towels. If in the kitchen this figure depends on the height and preference of the hostess, in the bathroom it should be some average figure. Often hooks for towels in the bathroom hang at a height of 160 to 165 cm.

Floor holders, which can be stationary and movable, consist, as a rule, of several crossbars. Some of the models are additionally equipped with horizontally placed shelves for storing soap, shampoos, sponges and other bath accessories. This solution is not suitable for compact bathrooms, but for medium-sized or large will be very helpful, allowing a more rational use of space.

Door hangers are those that are installed on the door, allowing significant savings in space. Such racks are ideal for very small bathrooms. Based on the desired number of towels and personal preferences, there is a choice of hooks, rings and tubular beams.

Choice of fixtures

Open. They are standard mounts, implying installation of various types of hangers by means of self-tapping screws through pre-made holes in the product itself, while the place of attachment remains in sight.

Hidden. This is a more modern and stylish way to mount hangers, because in this case you can see neither self-tapping screws nor holes.

Velcro or suction cups. They are used for lightweight hooks, as heavy hangers will periodically fall off. Undeniable advantages of such fasteners are, first, the ease of hanging and removing from the wall, furniture or door and, secondly, the lack of need to pay for installation work.

Of handy tools

Towel racks are even made from cutlery, in particular from forks, which should match the used interior and be flexible enough.

Holders are also made from clamps attached to the board, hammers, wrenches, nails with wide heads, spools of thread and so on.

7 ways to bring beauty: How best to store towels in the bathroom?

When we made repairs in the bathroom, we did not think about how best to store towels. And in vain: then it turned out that the entire wall is covered with towels, and the tiles are almost not visible.

1. Hooks for towels: a penny-pinching option, not the best

This is the easiest and most common way to store towels. The cheapest metal hooks are bought, attached to the wall, on which the housemates hang terry robes and bath towels. Not the most aesthetic method, although it is often used.

2. Hangers on the door: a little more original than the usual hooks

For sale are still such hangers, which are clinging to the door leaf. Are inexpensive. The advantage is that the wall is freed, the area of the doorway is used. Here the textiles are not so much in the way, less splashing. Who has a small bathroom – this is a normal option.

3. On open shelves: evenly stacked stacks create a sense of order.

This method of storage requires a little more effort – towels do not just cling to the loop, they need to be folded evenly. In general, the method is not bad – the room gets a neat look. Immediately you can see that the hostess tried and made an effort.

4. In baskets: you can stack in a roller or envelope

Some housewives like to use baskets and boxes for storage. In them you can fold household towels in the traditional way or roll them up. Here it does not matter how evenly you folded the textile, because in the basket the thing is hidden from prying eyes.

towel racks

5. On racks or in pencil cases

Who has a bathroom area allows, he can afford to put a narrow cabinet with a door or an open shelf. In general, storage on shelves, racks is very convenient. This is one of the best ways to store things in any room.

6. In the nightstand under the sink.

Those who do not have a washing machine under the sink usually buy a standard nightstand under the sink. Terry towels can be stored in this nightstand, neatly arranged on shelves. Much more decent look than hang terry cloths all over the wall.

7. In special built-in storage systems.

If the bathroom area and budget allow, you can make furniture to order with special systems – retractable, roll-out, hinged. The furniture is convenient to open, and in closed form they look modern. Such storage of bath towels is more sensible: folding is convenient, there is air access, getting it out is easy.