Retro bathroom

Retro bathroom design

The retro bathroom is one of the popular interior design trends. This style combines several eras, from the Renaissance to vintage design in the early to mid-twentieth century style. The bathroom in the retro style creates a feeling of coziness and stability and emphasizes the refined taste of the owner of the apartment or house.

The basic principles of retro design in the bathroom

Creating an atmosphere of antiquity requires a careful study of all details of the composition. All materials, plumbing and equipment should be stylized retro or use the original objects of bygone times. Here almost no chrome faucets and shower heads, standard shower cabins, modern sinks and toilets are used.

Spacious bathrooms with the possibility of zoning and placement of additional functional and decorative items are more suitable for retro-style: a dressing table, a chair or an armchair, a cabinet for storing towels and accessories.

If space is limited, try to create a laconic interior with a minimum of decorative elements and an emphasis on aged tiles.


The main material for finishing retro bathroom – tile and porcelain tiles. Depending on the design project, it can be rectangular (booth) or square glossy wall tiles, matte aged or tiles with ornaments.

In the design of the bathroom you can use the author’s handmade tiles, including custom-made.

Walls that are not in contact with water are often pasted with wallpaper with a vintage pattern, painted with interior paint or use decorative plaster, of different types.


Oval free-standing baths made of earthenware, porcelain, copper and cast iron on legs are topical for vintage bathrooms. They combine decoration and functionality.

Faucets, door handles and other accessories in a retro design, made of copper and brass or with the appropriate coating will complement the bathroom furnishings.

The shower cabin is a modern invention, but if you’re not ready to give it up, make it as transparent and weightless as possible, so that it does not draw attention to itself.

The hardest thing to choose a toilet bowl, as most models look modern, but well-known manufacturers have special collections for bathrooms in the retro style, such as toilets with a high cistern from Migliore.

Black and white

Black and white bathrooms are a reference to the European apartments of the early 20th century. It is a universal design, complemented by vintage elements, still relevant today. It can be characterized as an understated retro. The bathroom in this style will go well with the practical Scandinavian design of other rooms.

The main element here is a classic cast-iron bathtub on the background of simple white wall tiles.

The design is suitable for spacious and small-sized bathrooms with any ceiling height.

Retro bathroom


Many people firmly associate retro style with interiors in the style of Provence.

Artificially aged furniture, painted in pastel colors, combined with white porcelain bathtub and sink is the choice of refined and romantic souls.

Timeless classics

It can be strict neoclassicism or luxury with baroque elements. Classic design never goes out of fashion.

Beige tones in combination with white, dark brown and gold predominate here. In the decoration there is polished marble, moldings and stucco.

For lighting, wall sconces or a chandelier on the ceiling can be used.

Wood and stone

Modern impregnations and varnishes for wood allow using this material for furniture and decoration in rooms with high humidity.

Wooden cabinets under the sink and shelves for storing small items go well with the floor of stone or porcelain tiles, square tiles in terracotta shades. Here you can pick up a copper or cast-iron bathtub.

Retro bathroom design is making a comeback. People are drawn to the classic look of these bathrooms, with their shiny porcelain fixtures and period-specific tile. If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, consider a retro design. You can find many inspiration photos online, and there are a number of companies that sell retro-style bathroom fixtures and accessories.