Compact toilet

Compact toilet – the perfect solution for a small bathroom

Making a global repair in the toilet room, many people change and sanitary devices, of course, giving preference to modern models. Among them, the toilets of the compact type, which have long proven themselves as a reliable element of the bathroom, are more popular.

Earlier the toilet bowls with an upper cistern made the bulk of the market. Their design occupied a large part of the wall and did not have a very aesthetic appearance. The word “compact” appeared when there were new, more ergonomic models, in which the cistern is attached to the toilet bowl. This design does not take up much space, although the volume of water filling in all approximately the same. Therefore, compact models more and more often entered into use until now.

Why these sanitary devices have won such a wide demand? Of course its advantages over other types of toilets:

  • they are easy enough to install;
  • do not have any special difficulties in servicing;
  • are reliable and durable;
  • have different modes of discharge, which allows you to save water;
  • harmoniously fit into any interior;
  • have a wide model range;
  • do not require a lot of free space for its small size;
  • is pleased that the models of domestic producers are of high quality and in comparison with foreign samples are characterized by low price range;
  • now to design a toilet or bathroom is much easier, thanks to the variety of colors of the toilet bowls compact.

These toilets are considered more modern in contrast to the floor devices. They not only decorate the interior, but also perfectly cope with their direct responsibilities. Despite the fragility of design, they can withstand up to four hundred kilograms. Their versatility will emphasize the design of any bathroom, as only the toilet bowl is visible, and the cistern and all communications are hidden in the wall. It is much easier to keep these devices clean.

The disadvantage of hanging sanitary ware is its installation, which is a complex process, where special equipment and professionalism is required. In addition, in the future, if there are any problems, it will be quite difficult to eliminate them.

Optimal option for a small-sized toilet room. Only the triangular shape of the tank distinguishes the angular toilet from the usual, but the volume of the tank here remains the same. The flush system of these models can be single or double. The market offers hinged and floor models, as well as mini toilets of this configuration, which will significantly save space. The minimum size of this type of toilet will take you only half a meter in length, as its dimensions are 38×50 cm.

Popular sizes

All companies-manufacturers of sanitary ware adhere to the standard sizes of devices. As for compact toilets, the difference in their width does not exceed 10 centimeters, and in height 15 cm. So, the narrowest bowl can be 33 cm, while the widest 45 cm. The length of the bowl also varies from 59 to 74.5 centimeters. And the height of the toilet bowl, together with the cistern from 47 to 90 cm.

The most popular toilet bowls compact with dimensions – 35x63x77 cm (w / d / h). But to understand whether the chosen model is suitable for you, it is best to test it directly in the store, just sitting on it.

The device

All toilets of this type are composed in the same way and represent a bowl and a drain tank, which is installed directly on it. A rubber gasket is placed between them for a secure connection. Fastening is done with the help of plastic bolts.

Now let’s consider the structure of each element of the toilet bowl separately:

  • Its volume is eight, ten liters;
  • The water supply line is either side or bottom;
  • The mechanism of the button for the drain is located at the top, the lever – at the side;
  • The inlet valve pours water into the tank. The main role in it performs a shut-off membrane valve (less often a piston valve), which regulates the filling of the tank with water.

The flush valve opens the water drain hole with a push-button mechanism, and when the tank is empty, it closes it and allows the water intake valve to fill it again.

The compact toilet is distinguished by the bowl, which can be funnel-shaped, disc-shaped or canopy-shaped. On its shape depends on whether the water will splash when flushing or not. The first option will protect against splashing if the back wall of the bowl is sloped. The second does not create splashing, but it is less hygienic because of the constant stagnation of water on the platform. The third is the most successful and hygienic option, where there is no splashing and water retention.

Also, the bowl can have a different sewage outlet: horizontal, oblique, vertical. Choosing a WC-compact, with any outlet, be guided by the location and slope of sewage pipes in the bathroom.

Tips for choosing

In order not to have doubts about the correctness of the choice of the toilet of the compact type, adhere to the following recommendations before buying:

  1. First of all, it is worth measuring the area for the future device, especially important when there is little space in the bathroom;
  2. Ask what material is made of the toilet bowl, and give preference to the one that will be most practical;
  3. Before buying, make a thorough inspection of the equipment that there are no cracks;
  4. Make sure that the height of the product suits you – in a sitting position should not strain the muscles of the body and legs;
  5. To protect the toilet from damage select toilet seat and lid with a system of microlift, which opens and closes the cup smoothly;
  6. And in order to use the bathroom was the most convenient and comfortable, it is advisable to use multifunctional lid-bidet, which also saves space in the room.

Buy a toilet bowl type compact can be both in parts and assembled. Self-assembly does not always guarantee a reliable connection, but it is cheaper.

Installation of equipment is best left to the company where the plumbing was purchased. This is especially true for expensive models, for which the manufacturer gives a long warranty. It is necessary to remember that the user loses the right to free warranty service of the device, if it was installed or it was repaired by unqualified masters.

Installation of the floor compact toilet is not difficult. It is installed on a prepared flat surface. Using a corrugated pipe connect the drainage hole with a sewer. And then, connect the cistern to the water system at the side or bottom. The lower method of water supply allows you to hide all unnecessary communications, which will ensure the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom. Then you can fasten the toilet bowl to the floor.

Installation of hinged models, requires the appropriate knowledge, skills and equipment. Therefore, it is better to seek help from a specialist. In addition to the correct selection of the installation system, it is necessary to take into account that it “eats” at least 13.5 centimeters of usable space in the bathroom, which means saving space will not work if the toilet room is already small.

Compact toilet: review of models and characteristics

Repair, as you know, a matter of troublesome and quite costly. But the choice of tiles for the bathroom and the search for a master does not take so much time and nerves, as the choice of high-quality plumbing. Coming into the store, it seems that standing in a row toilets are exactly the same. But it is only at first glance. In fact, modern toilet bowls differ not only in color and firm-manufacturer, but also in configuration, how to install and mount the cistern, etc. Let’s try to understand the variety of models and choose a quality toilet bowl for the house.

Hanging and floor standing

To date, the most popular models of toilets are considered compacts. The compact toilet is a sanitary device, the cistern of which is fixed on the back platform. Connect the cistern in different ways: with bolts, a pipe or special hoses. Experts say that the compact toilet for a small toilet is a godsend: and space saving, and the beauty of the interior will add.

As you know, all the toilets are divided into two main categories: floor and wall-hung. In the wide sale you will find only floor standing compact WC with a cistern. This model is more convenient to install and more profitable in price. Yes, and the choice is wide, which will please any buyer.

The compact wall-hung toilet bowl is made in small quantities, often by special order. There is no wide production of compact wall-hung toilets.

If you compare the suspension and floor toilets, then each type has its pros and cons. Floor toilets make it difficult to clean, which can not be said about the toilets, whose design is not in contact with the floor. But it is more difficult to buy a good quality hanging toilet bowl than the floor version. Yes, and to install the latter requires additional space, because the tank is hidden in a special niche. And the place for it in a small toilet still have to find.

Wall and corner

Not every bathroom can boast of its large size. In most cases, the toilet and bathroom are separate. The toilet space is minimal, if not to say unbearably small. In some apartments, of course, bathrooms are combined, but it’s not enough to place a maximum of household and plumbing equipment.

Choose a toilet bowl should be based on the territorial possibilities of the room. For toilets and bathrooms with a small meterage perfectly suits the toilet bowl is a compact corner. By installing a toilet of this model, you can save maximum space in the room, which is a big plus.

Compact toilet

The size of the toilet bowl

Many people think that the size of the compact toilet will be different from the size of the old plumbing object, which was “evicted” from the bathroom after the repair. This is not the case. The sizes of the toilet bowl – compact are the same as the usual ones: width 33-38cm, length 60-75cm, height up to 80cm.

These parameters are not caused by designer’s invention or own wishes of constructors at the production. The size of the toilet bowl depends directly on the physiological characteristics of the person. The height – the main indicator of comfort. Your feet should not hang in the air and your knees should not bend much when sitting. The optimal height is 80 cm. When buying, experts advise to focus on the tallest member of the family.

If there are small children in the family, you can choose a special children’s toilet. The most compact toilet will be in width 28-33cm, in height 65-70cm, in length 50-55cm.

Remember that when choosing a model and its size take into account the features of the room. It is important that in front of the toilet was free 50-60cm (for feet), and on the sides 20-25cm.

Modern compact toilets have no shelf. There are many significant advantages in this. Firstly, the absence of such a platform allowed to significantly reduce the size of sanitary constructions. Secondly, the level of “fragrance” from the toilet bowl decreased. The only disadvantage – in such designs must be a system of “anti-splash”. This system is an increase in the distance from the seat to the deepest place at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Thus, there is no strong splashing of liquid from the bottom of the toilet bowl.

Tips from the experts

To plumbing devices fit harmoniously into the interior design of the bathroom, you need to carefully leaf through catalogs, look closely at different models. It is necessary to take into account the following parameters:

  • When placing the sanitary ware, it is recommended to leave at least 60 cm of free space in front of the toilet and at least 20 cm at the edges (right and left). It is believed that such a gap between the devices is the most convenient for using them.
  • If the bathroom has a sink, it is set at a height of 80-85 cm from the floor (this height is optimal for people of different height). In front of the bath and sink, the recommended free space – not less than 70 cm.

Obviously, the options to equip a small bathroom, making it ideal in terms of the presence in it of necessary functional devices and corresponding to the main design idea of the interior, in fact, a great many. The main thing is not to overdo it and stick to a single style in the apartment and bathroom.