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PestControl Natural decorating directory

Site Listings
American Biophysics
Manufacturer's Web Site: Mosquito Magnet? - proven effective method for reducing the biting insect population in your yard. Visit our web site for independent test results, latest news, and to find a dealer near you.
Animal Control Products
Animal control products such as live animal traps or live traps for raccoons, or woodchucks. Lethal animal traps for moles, raccoons, rabbits, gophers, ect.. Animal Repellents for moles, geese, woodpeckers, birds and more. Animal baits for trapping and other animal attractants.
Booneez Outdoor Sports
Animal urine for gardeners and hunters.
Bug Master Products
Provides effective mosquito and flying insect repellant products in citronella stick-on strips and wrist bands.
Looking for an Animal Repellent thats Safe? Getting Rid of Animals is easier than ever with Shake-Away.
Cutworm Shield
Cutworms in your garden a problem? At last a new product that protects plants from cutworms. Protect your plants from cutworms with this new, patented, low cost, reusable, easily installed and environmentally safe product.
Deer Ex
Use Deer Ex deer repellent to rid your garden of munching deer. This all natural animal repellent safely keeps your garden's plants safe so you can decide what annuals or perennials to plant rather than worry about what the deer will be eating next. Order Deer-ex today and solve all of your wildlife control problems
Deer Scram
Get the best plant protection from deer with Deer Scram deer repellant!
Offers deer fencing & deer repellents to solve your deer damage control problems, and other wildlife and pest control problems. We also offer a complete line of gardening supplies.

The Antser Ant-Proof Barrier
The Antser ant-proof barrier is the pesticide-free way to prevent ants from infesting pet-food dishes, garbage cans, recycle bins, sweets and pastries, etc.