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Laundry decorating directory

Site Listings
Better LifeStyle Products
The versatile, space-saving wall mounted LifeStyle Ironing Center and Stowaway Table Top Ironing Boards represent 10 years of development and refinement, Simply smarter solutions to help make your busy lifestyle easier and more convenient.
Britannia of New York
Britannia of New York carries the renowned Corby Pants Press and Britannia Towel Warmer. Perfect gifts for the discriminating man or woman in your life.
Broomscru Hanger
The Broomscru is a screw shaped hanger of patented design to dry and store Broomstick stle skirts, shorts,and dresses.
Clotheslines Inc
TAKE BACK YOUR BATHROOMS. Indoor clothesline installed on garage door rail inside your garage. A great clothesline for air drying lingerie and all delicate clothing.
A sturdy collapsible container perfect for use as a laundry basket ... and so much more!
We recognize the great potential for energy savings with the use of traditional clothes dryers and offer a wide range of cost effective drying options; T-style posts & clothesline props, outdoor folding dryers, retractable clotheslines and clothespins.
Fast Systems
Fastsystems Domestic and professional ironing presses are safe and easy to use, save time on ironing and produce a superb finish to all washing loads. Fastpress Domestic can be used on clothing such as trousers, silk shirts, blouses, denim jeans, sheets and most other laundry items.
J & A Bailey and Associates
Static Eliminator is a revolutionary anti-static dryer sheet that not only eliminates static but also softens fabric, reduces wrinkles and cuts down lint without staining.
Pant Press - Automatic Electric Trouser Pants Pressers. Low internet pricing starting at $234.11. Normally ships the same day direct from warehouse.

The Laundry Alternative, Inc.
Offers portable washing machines, septic tank systems, clothes dryer and environmentally friendly laundry equipment.